Incremental Changes

One of the most important things to do when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and diet is to focus on making incremental changes. Rather than trying to make huge swings in your behavior, start with measurable steps. You don’t have to cut out all red meat, just start by cutting your portion size or frequency. So if you normally eat an entire steak, try to only eat 6 to 8 ounces. Ultimately, your goal should be a protein portion size of approximately 3-4 ounces to accompany your vegetables.

Today, I want to share a video that Angie and I made last night that shows Team Harrison trying to pull together a family meal integrating food for everyone.

Dad is on the Prolon Fast, while Angie and the kids are eating Greensbury Market Skirt Steak cooked on my new Smithey pan with Japanese Yams pressure cooked in our new Insta-Pot.

I can tell you was everything was delicious.

We hope you enjoy.

And remember, please just do the work today.

Day 2 of Healthy Living

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