As we continue our discussion of healthy living, it’s very important to focus on drinking water.

At the most basic level, drink more water.

When I was at West Point, the number one thing were told was “drink water new cadet!” And that saying has served me well throughout my life.

In terms of your health, one of the easiest habit changes to focus on is water consumption. Simply start by waking up and having a glass of room temperature water with squeezed lemon juice. The concept of consuming temperate water when waking is embraced by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. In both cases, this first glass of water helps stimulate the villi in your intestine to help move cellular debris and other waste out of your body.

But water has lots of other benefits to include hydration, clear skin, boosting immunity, and helping your kidneys. To learn more, check out 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

The other thing that is very important to consider is the quality of the water you drink. While a lot of people love their tap water, they need to be cautious about the added chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that are normally added to municipalities.

Right now, I am drinking filtered water through a refrigerator, but ideally you would drink a more alkaline water to help reduce the acidity of your body.

I am currently shopping for a new in home system – either an Apex Water Filtration System or something more like a Berkey. I think the Apex is more convenient but it’s also a bit more of a burden to install. I’ll let you know what I decided once I hear back from a friend.

Okay, so for today, lets focus on drinking a glass of water when we wake up. Then at least one glass with each meal and ideally a total of about 10 glass or 2.5-3 liters per day.

I’ll leave you with a few quick videos from last night’s meal prep.